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January 17th 2009

  • Want a signed copy of The Ophelia and Abby Series? Beaverdale Books has them!! Visit their website at for information on how to contact them.

December 30th 2008

  • The Witch’s Grave is available now from your favorite bookstores.
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Merry Christmas???

I have a confession…I’ve been surfing blogs looking for inspiration on something, anything to write about. Here’s what I’ve noticed—most of them are about what a wonderful Christmas everyone had. Was mine wonderful?? It sure was—all my kids and grandchildren were at my house Christmas Eve and we had a great time. BUT it was nothing like described on some of the blogs…shiny children’s faces watching the night sky in hopes of seeing Santa; the family gathered around the Christmas tree singing carols. No, mine resembled more of a P.T. Barnum creation rather than Charles Dickens. Here’s how it played out.

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December 4th 2008

  • I’m blogging on AmberKatze Book Blog December 7th through December 14th to read my latest interview and enter to win one of my books!